Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020
22:00 to 03:00 - 2020-02-14
Lawo, Universitetsgata 26 Get directions

Noen som kjenner til historien bak Valentine’s Day?
Her er en flott anekdote, for de som ikke visste:

Today’s Valentine’s Day that we celebrate on 14th February, dates from the third century, the time of the Roman Empire.
Emperor Claudius II forbade to soldiers to marry, to prevent them to be tied to their family and, therefore, avoid going to war.

All priests except one – called Valentin complied the emperor’s command.
This priest resisted to the Emperor’s decision, and kept on marrying young couples secretly.
After they discovered this disobedience, Valentin was imprisoned, and on 14th February executed.
Soon, he was declared as a saint, and lovers around the globe still celebrate this day of love every February every year.


Vel, her på Lawo skal vi ikke la oss diktere av Claudius II, og det blir en storstilt feiring av Valentine’s Day.
Bli med på en uforglemmelig natt, du også!




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